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Controlled temperature dolly

Increasing volumes of pharmaceuticals  shipped by air require new  CHALLENGES  for  Airport Authorities and Ground Handling Agents.

Tarmac  operations and ramp handling time is an area of  highest risks : most of  temperature excursions  occur during this process milestone.

CoolBox  is a brand new refrigerated dolly for tarmac transportation that creates a  DIRECT CONNECTION between the Pharma Centre and the Aircraft.

Seamless operations under controlled temperature

CoolBox is available in two models:

  • CoolBox1, with 1 lower deck unit capacity
  • CoolBox2, that can accomodate 2 main deck units with independent temperature settings

Both versions offer maximum operational flexibility and guarantee direct connection between the pharma centre and the aircraft.

1554822246 cooldolly21554822246 cooldolly2

Advanced temperature control

CoolBox has a built-in monitoring system that provides advanced control functions

  • Live temperature monitoring
  • Temperature deviation alarms
  • KPIs recording and management
  • Independent temperature setting between -20°C and +30°C
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Maximum capacity

Powered  by state of the art hybrid engines, CoolBox2 is the largest cool dolly on the market with a capacity of 2  main deck units (240cm).

Two cooling rooms with separate cooling systems provide full flexibility and 100% independent temperature range settings

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Year-round protection

TESTED BETWEEN -20°C and +50°C, CoolBox guarantees perfect temperature control even in extreme weather conditions

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