Alha presents Cargo Security Network | Alha Group Air Cargo Italy

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08 Nov 2012

Alha presents Cargo Security Network

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In view of the deadline of April 29, 2013, date of application of the new regulatory references in the field of safety, the Alha group has enhanced its services to provide its customers with an increasingly wide range of safety solutions. Cargo Security Network is the new network of logistics platforms for the security of air cargo. Thanks to new and enhanced services at its warehouses, Alha Group makes available to its customers the most complete Cargo Security Terminals Network on the national territory. In parallel with the strengthening of services at the Off Airport warehouses, new dedicated areas have been developed for security checks at the Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminals. Alha Cargo Security Network offers different alternatives for the management of goods and allows to identify in full flexibility the solution best suited to the needs of customers.
Each Terminal within the Cargo Security Network has dedicated security areas and certified personnel. Any type of shipment can be managed and secured both at the airport and outside the airport: if necessary, specialized staff can repackage oversize packages.