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19 Dec 2013

Cargo City of Malpensa becomes Smart thanks to the new digital platform

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Protocol signed by Sea and Regione Lombardia with Anama and Assohandler to create the new Cargo Community System in the Cargo City of the Milanese port of call. Objective: to reduce time and costs in order to make the airport competitive with the other European hubs thanks to a computer system able to share in real time all the information related to the export-import logistics. Start-up and testing at the beginning of January 2015, before the inauguration of EXPO 2015.

This is the objective of the protocol signed by Sea, the airport management company of Milan, and the Lombardy Region with Anama and Assohandler, who have committed themselves to study the start-up of a digital ecosystem in the cargo area of the airport.

With the project, the large and modern Cargo City will be equipped with an IT platform where all the information that originates, arrives or departs from the entire cargo operators' environment will be brought together, so that the airport's customers will have the necessary information available in real time to streamline procedures. Every entry and exit operation will, in essence, be traceable and traceable.

This commitment of Lombardy for Malpensa is encouraging - said the President of Sea, Pietro Modiano - Cargo is fundamental for the airport: in November we recorded an increase of 9% and the first figures for December are positive.

The President of the Region, Roberto Maroni, noted that the agreement will ''reduce the time and costs'' of operations at Cargo City. We are interested in developing Malpensa - he assured - and the entire Lombardy airport system: when the recovery comes we must be ready. Lombardy is the main airport gateway for Italian import-export, because almost 70% of air freight traffic passes through here. This of air freight transport for the Region is a strategic sector and the Lombardy airport system in general, and Malpensa airport in particular, play a fundamental role in this sense".

"Our activities will have to intensify in view of Expo and the Malpensa-Smart city cargo protocol will come into operation in January 2015, just to be ready before Expo, and it can become a model, which can then be used in other realities -" added Maroni - "The IT platform created by this protocol will allow and promote the integration of information between stakeholders, solving the problem of the exchange of information on cargo.

About 35% of the economic value of our country's international trade is transported by air. In 2012 cargo traffic on Malpensa was 405,000 tons, more than 55% of what is managed in the whole country.

From January to April 2014, the project route includes the definition of the system structure; that of the technological system; the development of the software and hardware; the testing and release of the system; the use and supply of the system. The digital ecosystem will be available by the first days of January 2015, in order to start its operation and test its use before the inauguration, on May 1st, of Expo Milano 2015.