The Handling Ramp of AirBridgeCargo goes to Alha | Alha Group Air Cargo Italy

26 Oct 2020

The Handling Ramp of AirBridgeCargo goes to Alha

Alha Group has signed an important contract for the management of ramp handling services for AirBridgeCargo, an airline specialising in cargo transport and one of the main cargo carriers operating at Milan Malpensa airport. The contract also extends to all operations of Atran Airlines, the express carrier within the Volga-Dnepr Group and the strategic partners CargoLogicAir and CargoLogic Germany.

Alha in a note states that the acquisition of an important contract such as the one signed with Abc fits perfectly into the growth and development plans of its ramp handling division. Three years have passed since the group began providing ramp handling services for Cathay Pacific and during this three year period the organisation has consolidated and developed; last year it acquired the contract with Asiana Airlines and is now fully ready to significantly scale up the size of the ramp division with a significant increase in weekly flights handled.

On the equipment front, since the start of operations in 2017, significant and constant investments have been made and today Alha can count on a highly efficient fleet of vehicles, complete with three CoolBoxes, the refrigerated dollies for the transport of pharmaceutical products on board.

"One stop shop solution" is the model proposed at AirBridgeCargo, characterised by integrated management of warehouse and ramp services and total control of shipments - from unloading the truck to loading onto the aircraft - and vice versa. The synergies that characterise the management model lead to a reduction in transit times, operational coordination under a single control cabin and optimised management of all special cargo products requiring dedicated procedures, tight deadlines, high safety standards and temperature control.

"We have been providing cargo warehouse services to AirBridgeCargo for 11 years and since the first day of collaboration we have considered it a special customer. In 2009 he chose to entrust us with the
cargo handling services, just when the Malpensa cargo terminal was undergoing a
period of crisis due to a significant reduction in volumes. The signing of the contract with Abc
marked the beginning of our recovery and in the following years the steady growth of AirBridge's operations in Malpensa strongly supported our expansion. Since then Abc represents for us a customer of the utmost importance, with whom we have always had an excellent collaboration and mutual support. We face with pride and enthusiasm this new experience with a giant in the air cargo sector" commented Andrea D. Piai Walpot, Alha Group sales manager.

Diana Schoeneich, senior director Europe of AirBridgeCargo Airlines, added: "We are delighted to extend our collaboration with Alha Group, our long-standing partner. Their commitment to high quality standards, their ability to handle the full range of specialty products and their collaborative approach form the right basis for the success of AirBridgeCargo's operations and the other Volga-Dnepr Group carriers in Malpensa. In the air cargo sector, to ensure the integrity of the supply chain, it is very important to work with partners with whom you share the right vision and approach to service, especially during these turbulent times. Alha Group is just the kind of partner that reflects our DNA, shares our values and supports our forward-looking approach. With Alha we are ready to fly our shipments around the world - from pharmaceuticals and luxury cars to out-of-shape goods and e-commerce.

Until now, the ramp handling service for the Russian carrier's aircraft was carried out by Airport Handling.