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Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling

We support our Customers’ competitive advantage

Alha provides a wide range of specialized solutions for high-yield products, supporting the Airline with state-of-the-art facilities, trained staff and dedicated SOPs.

Advanced services for Pharmaceuticals

Time & Temperature advanced handling monitoring
T&T advanced acceptance checklist
Premium acceptance procedure
Active containers build-up and management
Weight and volume detection
Positioning of thermo-protective material
Thermal covers/blister
Temperature controlled temporary storage

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IATA CEIV Fresh certified Network
Fresh Centers dedicated to the management of perishable products with direct tarmac access
Dedicated, trained and certified staff
Specific procedures for the management of perishable products
Border inspection posts HC and NHC

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TAPA FSR A Certified facilities
TAPA TSR 1 Certified Trucks
100% CCTV coverage in our premises
Internal Security Team
Tailored services and dedicated SOPs
Real-time feedback and photobooks (on request)
Handling operations under supervision of Alha Security Team (on request)

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Luxury Cars

Our team handles an average of 2.000 Luxury Cars every year: where enhanced handling standards are required, we can boast the most qualified experts in luxury cars handling services.

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Services for the management of Active Containers

Airworthiness check
Setting and pre-cooling
Dry ice refill / Battery change
Container recharging
Temperature storage

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Cargo Handlig
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