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Ramp Handling

Ramp Handling

Alha Group provides ramp handling services for cargo aircrafts in Milan MXP.

Thanks to the synergy between warehouse and ramp operations, Alha guarantees enhanced service standards and reduced handling timings to those carriers that will chose Alha as a single provider for cargo services in Milan Malpensa.
Especially for those products that require special care and minimum tarmac exposure, the combination of Alha Warehouse + Ramp services guarantees improved performances and reduced transit times, with the result of a significant competitive advantage for the airline and its customers.


Increasing volumes of pharmaceuticals shipped by air require new CHALLENGES for Airport Authorities and Ground Handling Agents. CoolBox is a brand new refrigerated dolly for tarmac transportation that creates a DIRECT CONNECTION between the Pharma Centre and the Aircraft.

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Ramp Handling
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